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Bowl food menus 

Stylish mini meals by Essex’s caterers 

Our bowl food menus, often known as mini meals, are an effective and stylish way to feed any number of guests without the formality of having to be seated at dining tables. From delicious fresh Mediterranean salads, fragrant Thai curries and Moroccan tagines to British steak & chips, the trained chefs at Taste Event in Essex can design food stalls from which you can serve the bowl food, or simply pass it around to your guests.
Call us on 020 3198 1118 to find out more about our unique recipes we use for preparing bowl foods. 

Some of our bowl food items include 

• Mackerel
• North Atlantic prawns
• Crispy pork belly
• Blue chip salmon
• Desserts and beverages 
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All types of hot and cold bowl foods 

Whether your guests like crispy pork belly or chargrilled chicken with appropriate dressings, our chefs can prepare it to suit their taste buds. At Taste Event in Essex, we have a full team or professionals specialising in various types of mini meals. Depending upon the occasion, your budget and preferences, we can personalise the menu to suit your needs. 
hot and cold bowl food
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